FlightCar & sharing economy "could be the big economic story of this decade"

Paul Graham on FlightCar, via Hacker News:
There is clearly something to the "sharing economy" that everyone is talking about. There will be glitches along the way, but I'm pretty sure this idea is here to stay. Considering the value of the assets involved, it could be the big economic story of this decade.

Here's the fundraising news on TechCrunch. And when you're ready to start making money from parking your car at the airport, visit FlightCar.com.

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Hey Alexis, I have just noticed your outdated link to flightcar.com. You might have heard, that they have been acquired by Daimler and shut down. You might want to remove the broken link. Btw, we have created a web service, which searches for great rental car deals with a huge discount (mostly at airports, so the same operation area of FlightCar): https://www.autolook.co Based on our recent data analysis, even up to 82% cheaper than their regular price: https://blog.autolook.co/cheaper-rental-cars/ Feel free to replace the broken link with autolook.co, if you like. Either way, I love your blog, keep up the good work! Cheers, Saied (also est. 1983)
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