5-hour Energy Experiment

I'm a regular coffee drinker (1-2 cups a day). But I've never tried 5-hour Energy and I'm about to start my "work day." Let's see how this goes.

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I've heard there is no crash either, which is hard to believe. Let us know how it goes.
Oh, this tastes awful...
I had it once in high school after an all-nighter. Drank the whole bottle straight up. Needless to say, I felt like my whole body was gonna explode.

Rumor has it that the B-group vitamins in the drink is used in emergency medical service, but so far I haven't found anything online about this fact.

I drank one of these every day for two weeks during the Haiti earthquake response. Hey, I figured, I'm working insane hours and need something that I could down quickly. The bounce it provided first five days or so was great, but there were diminishing returns over time. By the end of that second week, I felt kind of drained and switched back to coffee. Not recommended over any extended period of time.