The Internet Has My Axe

"The Internet has my axe, insofar as I can be helpful as a voice or a person on camera or someone at a protest," the 29-year-old Ohanian, best known as a co-founder of social-sharing site Reddit, said via a deft "Lord of the Rings" reference.

"I will use it. But the reality is that the magic of the Internet is that there isn't any hierarchy to it. It's this flat connection of people where all links are created equal."

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Web anonymity battle starts anew

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“The ability to speak anonymously [online] is critical to the ability to speak freely, to speak on the matters of public policy,” said Harold Feld, senior vice president of consumer interest group Public Knowledge and a former member of the U.S. delegation during the U.N. conference.

Some countries, including China and Russia, have reportedly argued that anonymity on the Web poses a risk to cybersecurity and makes it harder for them to go after hackers and other malicious actors, which leaves Internet users vulnerable to online fraud schemes, virus-laced spam and malware.

But free speech advocates warn that the push to ban anonymity in the name of cybersecurity is simply a facade for efforts by authoritarian governments to crack down on political dissidents and critical speech they disagree with on the Web.

C'mon @BetaBeat - according to @Forbes Magazine I'm already a "Mayor"

You'll probably see me announce it on the NY subreddit if it ever happened, anyway....

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Happy Internet, Mr. President Twice this week in conversation with tech types, Betabeat was asked when Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian was running for office already. The 29-year-old credited with helping to defeat SOPA/PIPA already toured the country (in a bus once leased for John McCain’s  “Straight Talk Express”) running for president of the Internet. But with Sheryl Sandberg hot on his heels, isn’t it time to start campaigning for the real thing?

Last we heard, Mr. Ohanian was rumored to be launching his own startup reality show on MTV. However, he was recently spotted handing out awards on behalf of Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who likes to call himself “the House GOP’s chief watchdog.”