CNN asks: Are all the good tech-company names taken?

The first thing many new companies do is make sure they can register the domain name they want, said Adam Goldstein, founder of Hipmunk, a flight-search website.

"We were getting pretty antsy trying to get a good domain name, or frankly, a domain at all."

Goldstein's girlfriend suggested he look at small, furry animals for a company name because they would facilitate a good logo.

"I went for a dozen before I started leaving off the first or last letter," Goldstein said. " was in the middle of an auction when we were looking. I placed the minimum bid."

Though Hipmunk doesn't necessarily scream flight pricing, Goldstein says it's memorable and has so far been well-received. The logo, a chipmunk in pilot garb, is pretty cute, too.

It's really worth clicking through to the article to see the CNN artist's doodle of the Hipmunk. Fantastic.

edit: ah, screw it, here it is:

Programming for Dummies: Dissatisfied, Some Wall Street Technologists Flee for Start-Up Life

"There are a lot of people like me there who somehow wander into the space thinking there must be some intellectual merit to it because so many smart people are going there," said Mario Schlosser of the social gaming start-up Vostu, who studied computer science in college before ending up at Bridgewater Associates. "But literally the feeling I always had is that it was basically moving things from left to right or from right to left. And those things would move just fine even if we didn't move them. ... If we hadn't been there, the world would not be any worse off."

"I remember overhearing people who were like, 'Why should I really work hard on this, when all I'm doing is making some extra money for some rich guys who are investing in a bank?" said Mr. Montalenti. "I can tell you from experience that most software engineers I know really, truly want to have an effect on people's lives with their work."

While I have an interest in promoting this sort of thing, both as Y Combinator's Ambassador to the East and as an angel investor through Das Kapital Capital, I still think I'd be quoting it regardless.

Possibly my favorite Hipmunk review to date

When I first heard the name “hipmunk” I wasn’t sure what to think. Was it a website featuring a monastery full of super-cool monks, brewing beer while donning gold chains, aviator sunglasses and bellbottoms? Probably not. Is it a really pimped out little chipmunk? Sort of.


Actually it’s a website where you can search for flights. If you travel a lot, you will find hipmunk very hip indeed, and it will make your life easier. It’s really a single purpose application that plots commercial flights out on a chart that can sorted according to a few different criterion, one of those being “agony”. 

And just in case you've got a better one that I somehow missed, leave its URL in the comments!

Let's get Salman Khan on the TED stage

Salman Khan, the principal behind the Khan Academy material, understands something very important that emanates throughout all of his lectures whether they be on calculus, projectile motion, or thermodynamics: There is a difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. When Sal explains a concept he focuses on why it is what it is, not just what it is. When explaining a mathematical formula he tells you why it is so, and how you can derive the same with some fundamental knowledge, a little intuition, and deductive reasoning.

I've talked about this enough times, so it's about time I actually started acting on it.

Not only have I endorsed Salman to Chris Anderson and the other fine folks at TED, but I've also nominated him via their nifty online form -- I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a few minutes and do the same.

I'm thrilled to see that Hacker News is full of Khan fans, too! We can make this happen. Believe me, the TED folks are quite keen on hearing from their community.

Hell, they even let me give a TED talk. Salman Khan has a tremendously powerful idea worth spreading. Let's do this!