The other Alexis Ohanian is a pretty awesome person

Autism nonprofit organization, The Friendship Network for Children, Inc., announces a benefit concert with guest performer 2006 American Idol contestant Ayla Brown. The concert features Alexis Ohanian, experienced vocalist and Massachusetts native, and other New England musicians. Children from The Friendship Network will also perform.

The concert is on May 2, 2009 from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the Mill Pond School in Westborough, Massachusetts. It is made possible with the support of the Westborough Public School Special Education Parent Advisory Council. Tickets cost .00 and can be purchased online at The Friendship Network for Children’s website.

A 50/50 raffle and silent auction will add to the fun. There will be meet and greet time with Ayla Brown. All proceeds from the concert will benefit socialization programs.

“We want to raise awareness of the emotional world of children with autism,” says Nancy Swanberg, Founder and Executive Director of The Friendship Network. Swanberg states, “Children with autism want to make friends, and they just don’t know how– we can help.”

Alexis Ohanian, music therapist at The Friendship Network, explains the results of her work. “I have seen children talk for the first time, have successful play dates for the first time, and experience the joys of friendship for the first time in their lives.”

For additional information on The Friendship Network for Children, to buy concert tickets, or make a donation, visit

When I was in college, I hoped to one day turn up higher on the Google search results (c'mon now, don't act like you haven't done it for yourself) than the Alexis Ohanian vocalist who'd long been beating me. Well, I chose the right industry for SEO, I suppose.

That said, I've been keeping up with her life through Google News Alerts and she appears to be a pretty awesome person. So, Alexis, though we've never met, I'm sorry when your friends and family Google you, they end up with garbage about some Internet guy.

You're doing some really great work with the Friendship Network; I hope it gets a little bit of search engine love.

Seen on Hacker News: Brilliant Borges Quote

I have already posted this once in a similar thread, but thought I would post it again as it quite relevant to the article and others who have not seen it before may appreciate it:

"Instantes" by Jorge Luis Borges:

If I were able to live my life anew, In the next I would try to commit more errors. I would not try to be so perfect, I would relax more. I would be more foolish than I've been, In fact, I would take few things seriously. I would be less hygienic. I would run more risks, take more vacations, contemplate more sunsets, climb more mountains, swim more rivers. I would go to more places where I've never been, I would eat more ice cream and fewer beans, I would have more real problems and less imaginary ones.

I was one of those people that lived sensibly and prolifically each minute of his life; Of course I had moments of happiness. If I could go back I would try to have only good moments. Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.

I was one of those that never went anywhere without a thermometer, a hot-water bottle, an umbrella, and a parachute; If I could live again, I would travel lighter. If I could live again, I would begin to walk barefoot from the beginning of spring and I would continue barefoot until autumn ends. I would take more cart rides, contemplate more dawns, and play with more children, If I had another life ahead of me.

But already you see, I am 85, and I know that I am dying.

Great quote, F_J_H.