Awesome Hipmunk Fan Art from Ryan Estrada

It was months before we ever got reddit fan art. Hipmunk scored some within a couple days from Ryan Estrada. I'll take that as a good sign.

Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm a very frequent traveler.I live in a new country every year, so I can tell stories, makecomics, and film videos of all the awesome places I see. So I spend alot of time booking tickets. And this site, is awesome. It's simple,uncluttered, well designed, perfect for stats-geeks... Just wanted to say thanks for making it. Here's some fan art.

Thank you, Ryan! This is going on the wall.

OK, Cupid! Baby Angel Alexis Ohanian Comes to New York

One of his goals, he said, is to put together a team of angels that would help local start-ups recruit engineering talent by showing up at college career fairs where banks, hedge funds, as well as big tech companies like Google and Microsoft have historically been dominant. "As far as I know, there isn't some secret bar where all the angels hang out and smoke cigars and talk about startups," Mr. Ohanian said, "but there's something to be said for at least organizing them in order to take some of their money and-without getting too socialist!-- invest in things that will be beneficial for everyone. It's in every angel's best interest to make New York a more attractive place for start-ups.

Yep, baby angel sounds about right :) Thanks for the writeup, Leon! Can't wait to call myself a New Yorker.

Please vote for my @breadpig SXSW panel: Make the World Suck Less and Profit Simultaneously!

There are more opportunities than ever to do business while doing good. Starting an uncorporation called Breadpig was the way I did it, but “social enterprise” (as the kids are calling it these days) comes in lots of forms. This will be a chance to learn exactly how we’ve done fun stuff like creating “LOL Magnetic Poetry” and publishing xkcd: volume 0 -- all while donating their profits to organizations that do in fact make the world suck less. And what if you’re just a typical web 2.0 company aspiring to world domination? There are plenty of ways to use your resources to make the world suck a bit less, as well as tax incentives that add to the endorphin rush. We’ll go through it all, only with lots of cute animal photos to make up for the tax discussions. You’ll get a very informative, candid, and sometimes absurd presentation from our two presenters.

Questions Answered

  1. What are some protips for collaborating with traditional nonprofits for geeks?
  2. How do I find great nonprofits to work with?
  3. What are the basics of giving for web 2.0 companies? Tax & goodwill advantages for donating company time & resources?
  4. How can I make and sell tangible things (step-by-step guides to whatever the audience votes for: books, shirts, LOLmagnetz, Spam Fortune Cookies)?
  5. WTF is a breadpig? And is it delicious?

If you're going to be in Austin for SXSW in 2011 (or even if you're not), I humbly request that you take a gander at my proposal and vote for it if you like what you see. I'll be presenting along side Christina Xu (cofounder of ROFLCon) and we'll be polling the audience in real-time for the areas you'd like us to focus on.

Our aim at Breadpig has always been to share everything we've learned, so in keeping with that tradition, we'll be providing all the tutorials you could hope for to create your own Breadpig-killer :)

Westboro Baptists intend on protesting redditor's friend's funeral tomorrow - reddit steps in to help!

My friend Faith Hinkley was killed by a rocket attack in Iraq this month. It was her last month in Iraq. The Westboro Baptist Church is goin to protest her funeral. If any Redditors could go counter protest and help out Faith's family, all her friends and everyone at her unit would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Memorial of Spc. Faith R. Hinkley, Tues., Aug. 17, at 12:15 p.m., Monte Vista High School, 349 Prospect Avenue, Monte Vista, CO

EDIT: I can't go as I am currently deployed.

EDITEDIT: Reddit has once again outdone itself. Thank you all for your help and sympathy. Everyone here at 502d MI BN in Iraq appreciates it. If anyone could take some pictures for us over here, that would be amazing.

I love it. Bravo, redditors of Colorado and beyond!