Westboro Baptists intend on protesting redditor's friend's funeral tomorrow - reddit steps in to help!

My friend Faith Hinkley was killed by a rocket attack in Iraq this month. It was her last month in Iraq. The Westboro Baptist Church is goin to protest her funeral. If any Redditors could go counter protest and help out Faith's family, all her friends and everyone at her unit would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Memorial of Spc. Faith R. Hinkley, Tues., Aug. 17, at 12:15 p.m., Monte Vista High School, 349 Prospect Avenue, Monte Vista, CO

EDIT: I can't go as I am currently deployed.

EDITEDIT: Reddit has once again outdone itself. Thank you all for your help and sympathy. Everyone here at 502d MI BN in Iraq appreciates it. If anyone could take some pictures for us over here, that would be amazing.

I love it. Bravo, redditors of Colorado and beyond!

The New York Observer on Startup Life (Boston, NYC, & Bay Area)

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who spent two years in Boston working on his start-up and is now in the process of moving to New York for a new project called Breadpig, said he spoke at Angel Bootcamp and was astonished to see the number of angels who had shown up. It was an encouraging sign for Boston, he said, which always seemed to him like it would be a perfect place for early-stage start-ups if only there were more angels.

"You give these college kids a cool environment where they can go out and get drinks when they need to and hang out with people like them who are working on similar kinds of problems, and then give them funding to live off of—that's pretty much the stew," said Mr. Ohanian, who has invested in three Boston-based start-ups as an angel. "The missing component for Boston, really, is just that there aren't many people funding these kids hanging out in their apartments."

I still think of you oh so fondly, Boston (Cambridge, really, but even saying that I really mean Somerville). Hug.