Ennui Kitteh

I spent a few nights at the domicile of @Hueypriest this week and I think I'm in love with his pets. Two cats, one dog. This is definitely my favorite photo from the stay, though. Why do cats always look like the world can never satisfy them?

Why I now have an agent for speaking gigs

I've been incredibly lucky to have spoken at places like MIT and TED, flown across the globe to reminisce about startup lessons learned during reddit, and share the 'secrets' of how to succeed (or just not suck) through social media.

I love giving talks. But I hate negotiating over my speaking rates or selling myself & my talks in general.

I've recently teamed up with Erin Malone of William Morris Endeavor, who is now representing me as my book agent. Well, it turns out they have a division for representing lecturers, too.

So now I've got an agent for speaking gigs. Please contact them if you'd like me to bring some lolz (and insight into the intertubes) to your conference, university, or bar mitzvah!

And if you ever attend or watch any of my talks, please don't hesitate to let me know what you thought and where I could improve -- I'm @kn0thing on the twitter. E-heckling is also welcome!

Just another Yelp review of a Pizzeria Uno, right?

In theory I love Uno's but the chain seems to have fallen off in recent years. The ingredients they use or how they prepare it just doesn't seem to be as good when I went there 10 years ago. This location is a Harvard Square staple though. My all time favorite Pizza Skins were kind of firm like cardboard. They were using these new Ipad like menus which made ordering drinks and apps at our leisure very convenient.