Street Art Around Athens

There's no shortage of graffiti around Athens, which means lots of uninteresting initials tagged on walls, but also some really great street art. Of course, one person's street art is another's graffiti, but I did fancy these in particular...

Charred Skeleton of an Athenian StreetSweeper

I snapped these in Syntagma Square, just across the street from the Greek Parliament in Athens. Take a look at this first photo of a non-riot-afflicted streetsweeper, then click ahead to see what happens when you torch one of them. This humble machine won't be cleaning up any of the mess protestors left after the protests of May 5th, which killed 3 adults (one of whom was pregnant) who were trapped inside a burning bank.

Greek Church, Downtown Athens

The city has changed a lot since my last trip. For all the modernization, though, the proud Greeks have made sure to preserve the storied historical elements of their capital.

The city has changed a lot since my last trip. For all the modernization, though, the proud Greeks have made sure to preserve their storied historical artifacts.


Athens was a Riot Today, Literally. Here are photos.

It's almost 16:00 now and things have quieted down. The streets around Parliament are a mess. Got my first taste of teargas today (admittedly, the last time I was involved in a protest was way back in 2003 in London against the Iraq War). Needless to say, folks here aren't all taking these austerity measures very well. Thousands came out for the protest today and there was even an attempt to storm Parliament earlier, which was repelled. The BBC reports that at least three people were killed when a bank was set on fire. I definitely saw more than a few petrol bombs go off.

What a vacation!

Protestors? Just Don't Ruin A Tourist's Photo

Small protest on Monday in front of the Greek Parliament here in Athens. Loud but peaceful. What's most impressive is the gaggle of tourists in front, dedicated to photographing the changing of the guard ceremony. There's a big protest & strike planned for Wednesday. Should be interesting.

May 3 Protests in Athens at Hellenic Parliament Building

It was a pretty peaceful (albeit loud) crowd while I was taking these photos. I did notice some broken windows of the hotel (pictured) but I have no idea when or how they happened. Apparently an even bigger one is scheduled for Wednesday. Folks don't appear to be taking to the new austerity measures very well.

Good Morning, Athens!

It's been almost a decade since I was backpacking through here. Admittedly, I've soldout and traded the youth hostel for a hotel room. The view from my room can't be beat, though. Hurray for Starwood Points (thanks, Scott Kidder!).