Visiting Noravank

The first stop on the journey south through Armenia, Noravank. This beautiful 13th century monastery is situated in a gorge and features some incredibly tiny steps on the facade of the two-storey S. Astvatsatsin church. I didn't make it up two the second floor, so for all I know, it's full of chocolate and gold.

The Taxing Taxation of Microfinance

A business reporter I’ve befriended here in Yerevan once told me, “There’s one thing you can guarantee any businessman in Armenia will say in an interview — just ask him if his company is profitable. He’ll always say no.”

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Here's my second blog entry for the Kiva Fellows Blog. It's about taxes, though not as boring as that sounds -- I hope...

Youth Center for Creative Technologies

Wow. I was lucky enough to get a tour of this stunning, state-of-the-art facility by Marie Lou Papazian (the woman running the center) herself. I cannot wait to see it in operation. They've also accepted my offer to teach a guest lecture on entrepreneurship, social media -- anything they'd like, really. This will go a long way toward getting Armenia's future programmers, technologists, and designers a big head start as children.