Saturday at Vernissage Market

A collection of everything from artwork to random pieces of hardware (like, miscellaneous plugs and assorted bolts) -- the Vernissage is a charming flea market in downtown Yerevan.  We wandered through here on Saturday and I couldn't help but gawk at some of the splendid Cyrillic-adorned hardware.  Wish it were easier to lug a Russian typewriter back to the States...

Look ma, no hands!

Clever use of the steering wheel as a cellphone holder. I've seen this before, but finally snapped a photo of the feat. This is from the backseat of a random Yerevan taxi.

A Visit to the National Gallery of Armenia

Even after a full afternoon there, I still feel like I missed some parts of this massive collection.  I admit hurrying through a few sections, mostly because a small group of Armenian schoolchildren had formed around me and were asking me a lot of questions I couldn't understand.  I'd made the mistake of responding in Armenian to the few inquiries I understood.  I still don't know how to say "Please, schoolchildren, I don't understand what you're saying and your teacher looks very angry at me - move along."