sxsw isn't going to be as yc-tastic as i hoped, but ars technica and roflcon are sure to please

After the second round of panel announcements, it looks pretty clear that my Y Combinator panel isn't going to happen. Making it a broader look at startup fundraising strategies would have probably helped. I really hoped I'd get to make that orange kool-aid, too.

Nonetheless, we're still heading to SXSW next year and I'd like to promote two panels that did make the cut.

Ken Fisher of Ars Technica is hosting a panel on building and maintaining strong online communities. I know he's got some strong panelists, too ;)

Tim Hwang of ROFLCon will also be discussing the state of the Internet Memescape. The panel title includes the years 2008-2010. One can only suspect that Tim has some sort of time-travel machine, which lets him see the Internet of 2010. Fascinating.

happy halloween

Long-time redditor, Adam Fuhrer, sent over this over.

We've evidently got a mole in digg, a pumpkin-carving reddit sympathizer. That, or it was going to be used for smashing.

Either way, I think it had a good chance of winning the digg pumpkin carving contest. Kevin booed the reddit alien, but that's OK; I know he's going out dressed as it this year.

a splasy surprise - email from wikipedia

This was a first.
Hi, I'm a Wikipedia administrator and was wondering if you would be willing to license the Mr. Splashy Pants reddit logo under an open source license for usage in the Mister Splashy Pants article (<wbr>Mister_Splashy_Pants).
Of course I said yes. You can bet Splashy would have done the same for any of us.

In fact, I'd already uploaded the SVG files for both Splashy and "Fightin' Splashy". He truly is one hell of a whale.

We're likely going to be overhauling our environment.reddit in the coming months -- Splashy will be playing a pivotal role.

pirate aliens coming to a website near you

Our sympathies are well known. Pirates are the chosen people of the flying spaghetti monster. It should surprise no one that we also offer a pirate reddit button.

What should surprise you is that people are actually using it.

We made an Ahab-style offer last week, the bounty was simple: a bobblehead to whomever sent me a link to one.

Lucas, of eleZeta, was first to deliver. Congrats. May the bobblehead bring you much distraction and simple amusement.

But gets the honorable mention for having both a pirate reddit button and tag cloud.

thanks, deadspin, we &lt;3 you, too!

Bernie Davis, a friend of reddit here at CondéNet, sent this over.

Just an innocuous link on Deadspin, right?

Follow the link back to Washington Post and you'll find an interest referrer -- reddit.

This was a pleasant surprise, Rick. You know, we've really got a lot in come, you and sports.reddit. I smell a partnership...

We may be star-crossed lovers, what with you being a "Denton" and we being a "Nast," but like a modern-day Montague and Capulet romance -- what could possibly go wrong?

mike alstott gets punked on sunday night football - tampa bay maintains its legacy of fail

I don't think I've got a lot of NFL fans reading this blog, but I couldn't help but post this snapshot from this past Sunday Night Football game.

One of the best Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Mike Alstott was being honored at half time with a pair of framed jerseys (both the original, heinous orange Buccaneers jersey, and the less appalling one they were now).

It must have been a special night for Alstott and his family. So why did they have a typo on his jersey? (Oddly enough, the modern jersey had it spelled correctly.)

Yep, Als[t]ott. Unless he happened to change his surname after his first few years in the season, someone in Tampa got fired today.

Update: Ah, this is what I get for being sleep-deprived. Not a typo, just a memento.

will the real reddit please stand up?

The Biker Forum: By Bikers For Bikers showed up as a Google News Alert for "reddit." It's not the kind of place I'd expect a reddit shoutout, but maybe they're celebrating the one year anniversary a chopper.reddit community they created. They're English, too. I wonder if there's another slang for "chopper" in the UK...

But I digress. The shout-out was in fact for a biker in the community named reddit.

Hope you had a great birthday, reddit, I'll gladly send you a birthday bobblehead if you email me your address.

The only downer to all this was seeing a set of familiar 'social news and bookmarking' icons -- but reddit is missing.

aliens invading ars technica

While I was in Hungary, Steve got his drink on with the Ars Technica crowd, who celebrated their 10 year anniversary in New York last week. Ten Years. Damn. I didn't think decades existed in the dot-com world.

MediaPost's Kelly Samardak was charmed by my blue-eyed co-founder and the PR-force-of-nature, Jenna Landry (with pic!)
So I'm standing at the bar talking to Reddit founder, Steve Huffman, who by the way reminds me of this kid who I used to club over the head in 4th grade with my broken wrist cast. I can say that because Steve and I might both look like 4th graders today [...] I left Jenna and Steve to ponder Steve's fame and yukked it up with Gary and Bernie Davis.
Coincidentally, this was the week a reddit alien landed at the Ars offices in Chicago. According to the flickr pic, it's found a good home. Congratulations, Ars, and if you need any more bobbleheads, email me. I'm counting on a box of Ars bobbleheads (any guesses as to what in the hell those would look like?) to show up in the reddit office one of these days...

so that's where algorithims come from... (hint: not storks)

This discussion started innocently enough, but quickly became one of those chin-stroking affairs that appear in reddit comments every now and then, warming my heart:
> the concept of an algorithm

Really? Do you know of an Arabic or Indian algorithm that pre-dates Euclid's (Greek, of course) algorithm for computing greatest common divisors? That's from about 300 BC and I was always taught that this was the first known example of an algorithm found in history. I'd be very interested to hear if this is not actually the case.

Copying and pasting the response here wouldn't really do it justice. See it in context. Careful, you're about to become smarter.

Thanks, reddit...