The Celebrity-Funded Startups We Hate to Love (@thehipmunk loves you, too!)

Ugh. It pains us to admit it, but the company that tops our hate-to-love list is funded by none other than @aplusk himself. Kutcher put a million dollars into this simple, slick-looking travel site in October 2010, and the company's been adding convenient features at a steady rate since. Like Kayak and Priceline before it, Hipmunk offers an easy way to find and book flights and hotels. Unlike its competitors, it can't confuse you, since its design is so clean and easy-to-use that making reservations is actually kind of fun. We just booked a plane ticket for Mother's Day Weekend (don't tell Mom, it's a surprise) and can't wait to use it again. Equally pretty mobile apps and Google integration sweeten the deal.

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs - @NYTimes op-ed

These days, the most common question I get from junior analysts about derivatives is, “How much money did we make off the client?” It bothers me every time I hear it, because it is a clear reflection of what they are observing from their leaders about the way they should behave. Now project 10 years into the future: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the junior analyst sitting quietly in the corner of the room hearing about “muppets,” “ripping eyeballs out” and “getting paid” doesn’t exactly turn into a model citizen.

Good on you, Greg. I hope you start a startup.

Your Guide to SXSW: Sched Founder Taylor McKnight @gtmcknight

Mr. Dumenco: I think it's sweet that you offer a print-friendly option in Sched, for people who hate trees and want to see them die. Hey, what stuff at SXSW do you personally get excited about?

Mr. McKnight: For Interactive, I usually hunt out the speakers from projects and websites that I admire like Breadpig and MailChimp.

You don't have to hunt me down, Taylor! ;-) I'll come to you!