Raiding the future of the Internet (@Reuters must've been watching our SMW panel)

During a recent panel discussion on copyright, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian talked about the need for the content industry’s scarcity-based pricing model to be superseded by something more attuned to our digital times — something that makes sense not just for businesses but for artists and consumers too. The problem is, the models the industry has proposed far too often resemble the type of intrusive interrogations by state agents one would expect to find in a totalitarian state rather than an open society.

Thanks for the namecheck, Paul. Let's keep charting a course toward better business models that compete with piracy in a way that works _and_ makes money for artists.

Lin It to Win It!

SeatGeek and breadpig want you & a friend to watch Jeremy Lin crush the Cavs on 2/29 with me. We can talk about startups (or whatever you want) whenever Jeremy isn't Lin-spiring us on the court.

And here's the best part: enter by supporting NY classrooms! Let's make the world suck less and watch some great basketball, too.

@Spolsky Nails it: The Management Team

For every Steve Jobs, there are a thousand leaders who learned to hire smart people and let them build great things in a nurturing environment of empowerment and it was AWESOME. That doesn’t mean lowering your standards. It doesn’t mean letting people do bad work. It means hiring smart people who get things done—and then getting the hell out of the way.

SOPA Debate Ignores How Much Copyright Protection We Already Have @TheAtlantic

The most frustrating part of the discussion around SOPA has been watching politicians and commentators fail to acknowledge the vast resources we already devote to protecting copyright in the United States. Over the past two decades, the United States has established one of the harshest systems of copyright enforcement in the world. Our domestic copyright law has become broader (it covers more topics), deeper (it lasts for a longer time), and more severe (the punishments for infringement have been getting worse).