The piece of paper that fooled Hitler (and why you'd better have brains on your side if you're going to win a war)

Alan Turing, whose work was vital to cracking the Nazi code, finally got a posthumous apology from the UK government thanks to the work of John Graham-Cumming.

Alan Turing was also gay and he was prosecuted for "gross indecency" (essentially being gay) in 1952. To avoid prison he agreed to be injected with female hormones as a sort of 'cure' for homosexuality. Two years after his prosecution he was dead: he killed himself by eating an apple dipped in potassium cyanide.

In Roma Feb 11? I'm speaking at Social Media Week: How to launch a successful startup

Launch a successful startup? Through the Web, you can!
At the Social Media Weekend Rome will also be discussed this, as do the bang of entrepreneurs via the Internet. We could not miss an exceptional speaker, directly from the U.S.: a special guest of the Startup Labs will be the talented Alexis Ohanian , co-founder of Reddit - The voice of the Internet .

The meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 11 , from 10am to 12.30pm at Palazzo Chigi, in the Multipurpose Room of the Presidency of the Council (subject to availability admission, registration required ). It 'a stage of the Mind the Bridge Italy Tour 2011 .

Above is the Google-translated version of the announcement page. Grazie to my hosts; I'm quite excited to get back to the land of fabulous pasta.

Didn't know Branson was so actively trying to make the world suck less. Cool.

Branson’s nonprofit foundation, Virgin Unite, teams governments, business leaders and volunteers to forge solutions to global ills. In an effort to head off war, for example, a VU group in 2003 tried to convince Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq – too late, as it turned out. The organization also has worked behind the scenes in Zimbabwe to help establish a coalition government. In the U.S., a VU task force is targeting the proliferation of street children. And Branson has commissioned a study of drug enforcement policies around the world.

“America’s drug policy is the most oppressive on its poor people and black community when it comes to jailing the drug user,” he said. “We hope this commission can come up with some different ideas, because if you spent the same money on drug rehab that you spent in prisons, the results would be massively better.”


I'm not convinced about how much a not-for-profit like this can actually accomplish, but at the very least, having him shine a spotlight on these subjects can't hurt, right?

Ultimately, the people who are going to get shit done aren't rebel billionaires (or even startup guys with blogs) -- they're regular folks.

Let's just give them all the data, enough resources to do what they need to, and get out of their way.

(Thanks for the tip, @ilovecomputers)

"Leave, leave, Mubarak." Redditor snaps an inspiring photo in Tahrir Square, Cairo, at 11pm. Hello, little brother.

People -- not tweets -- revolt, but social media help us witness the revolution. According to the redditor who posted this photo to /r/worldnews, the image is now being carried on BBC, Al-Jazeera, and other main stream media outlets.

This is just the kind of thing I was talking about on Bloomberg yesterday.

My thoughts are with the people of Egypt, longing to be free.

Interviewed on @BloombergTV by @MargBrennan about,, and the rise of "little brother"

Thank you to all the fine folks at Bloomberg TV who made my appearance on InBusiness possible - especially Margaret Brennan & Shelley Venus for inviting me!

I'm going to have to start paying royalties to my friend Jennifer 8. Lee for all the mileage I'm getting from her "Little Brother." And to the reddit community for keeping me abreast of such a wide variety of topics.

Wish I hadn't let everyone down by not sneaking one of the many 'special words' you all sent me on Twitter. Next time!