My New York Lovefest in an @LATimes article

Ohanian returned as the first New York-based employee of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley investment firm that seeks out promising start-ups.


He's glad he made the move, even though he's working harder.

"In San Francisco people are focusing on enjoying their life and eating well and living well," said Ohanian, who has rumpled hair and favors T-shirts. "When I am living in New York I am probably cutting my life span a bit. But I am getting so much more done that it is worth it.

"It is the place to be if you are trying to do big things."

Things are getting mighty interesting here in New York. I recently had the chance to be profiled by a hot new site called WeAreNYTech -- I'll let you guess what they're all about.

For startup founders deciding between the Bay Area and New York, I hope the decision keeps getting harder...

TheNextWeb names @reddit one of The 10 Best Ways to Consume the News

reddit thinks of itself as “the voice of the Internet.” The social news website, (unfortunately owned by Condé Nast Digital) lets users browse and submit links and images to the site. Submissions are then voted up and down by other users, with the most successful links prominently displayed on the front page. The reddit community is a free-thinking, liberal bunch that borders on anarchism and uses LOLcats for therapy. In short, I love them. Expect a lot of WTFs, political conversations and brilliant ideas, like this recent Kindle wrapping job and hilarious photos like the one below. N.B. Reddit was founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, who have since moved on to create the awesomeness of flight search that is Hipmunk.

Thanks, Courtney. Calling reddit the best social news site? I couldn't agree more.