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And it still looks the same today! (I kid)
So does that mean that in the (eventual) shutdown of reddit, the last post should be upvoted?
Three weeks of programming, three submitted links!
Alexis, I had a lengthy email explaining my background, problems at reddit, how to fix them, bla bla bla, just finished reading your wiki page, I can see you are obviously not a dumbass, the problems at reddit are not because you dont know how to fix them, its because you dont know about them. Whoever you have over there is asleep at the switch. They have let out of control or unchecked mods, hijack some of the site, change the culture there, I was shadow banned and censored for providing suggestions on how to hold mods accountable. It is to the point that from my expirence at reddit for the couple few weeks, it meets all five of the criteria for http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/F... and who ever you have reporting to you on the situation at reddit and the mods are making reddit suck to the point they may have you exposed to litigation. You are a smart dude, you are going to let some dumbasses screw up your creation. I wont go back until it changes. Short version. Snoop & co fund 50mil. Snoop gives interviews to huffington post, other left leaning posts. The first listing banned by reddit politics as "spam", ,,,,,, huffington post. and other left wing publications. Not exactely mensa material minding the ship there. I could care less about left or right wing, I want a political movement called "vote em out" all incumbants, local to federal, have proven that the longer they are in office, the less they do, and the more curropt they get. lets turn em over, new blood, vote em out. I liked your site, fix it. I have ideas, your smart enough to already know them. you have my email, 3 things and mods are in check
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