Am I seriously speaking in the United Nations General Assembly Hall today?

It's for a conference called The Web: Wiring our World. I put together a special deck for this that kept me up a bit later than planned last night, but I was also rewatching Zach Anner clips for a good portion of that time.

My talk is called "The front page of the web we all curate, debate, & even create." I think all that rhyming might qualify me as a rapper. I'm just going to apologize in advance for bringing down the decorum of the General Assembly Hall a few notches.

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That is an amazing accomplishment! Congrats.
Not so fast, @TheJournalizer, there's still plenty of ways for me to ruin it all!
WOW! That's exciting - good luck :)
This could be the start of a Dan Brown novel! (I'm ashamed that I know enough dan brown to see this parallel).