Apps Aiming for Sharing Within Boundaries @NYTimes @Pair @Kicksend @duckduckgo

Pair is arriving as many of us are looking to use the Web and our phones much as we always have, but outside of the very public arenas of the social Web. It’s a natural evolution of social networking, especially as Facebook and Twitter have swelled.

The combination of privacy and intimate sharing has never looked so good — provided that it can be achieved. A handful of start-ups are appealing to users who may be tired of the social spotlight but still enjoy the whimsy of apps.

“We’ve spent the last decade struggling with this,” said Andrea Matwyshyn, an assistant professor of legal studies and business ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “Companies are trying to figure out the relationship of privacy to users while also trying to provide personalization and customization of their services.”

Pair has certainly been a boon for my relationship. And I just happened to use kicksend for sharing graduation photos with my sister. #proudinvestor

Though I'm not an investor in DuckDuckGo, I'm a proud user!