Assist in a @reddit takeover of (and win Special Guest Passes to the Rally)

  • All donations made via the Restoring Truthiness page between 10:30am EDT today and 5pm EDT on Thursday will be entered to win a pair of Special Guest passes to the rally. These get you access to a section nearest the stage, where you won't be forced to mingle with the unwashed, unspecial masses.

  • If/when the total raised tops $500K - we'll replace our logo site-wide with a sweet mashup that is pretty dang beautiful in all its orangered glory, if we do say so ourselves. And, we do say so ourselves.

  • Hitting $500K will also guarantee a Stephen Colbert top questions AMA, which is just bound to be terrible, I mean who would want to see such a thing, amirite?

Our gratitude for your kindness cannot be overstated. SO MUCH REDDIT LOVE. Thank you thank you thank you.

Here's the link, again, should you wish to get your click on.

    Our pals at DonorsChoose are so good at this it's kinda ridiculous, well, not really, because it's such a great cause.