ChangeFusion: Nepal's Y Combinator for Social Good. Meet entrepreneur Ranjit Kanswar

Ranji decided to get his friends involved in coming up with a solution, which was to provide the pullers with their own rickshaws (with colors indicating they own it) and a first aid box. His venture will allow these puller to pay a minimal daily amount of about NRS. 20-25 (instead of the current NRS. 60-70) to his cooperatives with a flexible payback plan ranging from 1.5 years to 2.5 years.  After they pay off the whole amoutnt, the pullers will own their own rickshaws, which will break the vicious cycles of being exploitated by rickshaw owners and invest the profit in improving the livelihood of their families.

A Rickshaw cooperative

Discovered by Christina on her breadpig journey through Nepal, I've got a good feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about ChangeFusion & breadpig...