Ciao, Roma. Hello, Brooklyn.

One more flight and I'm back home.

I must say, it's a little unfair how lovely Roman architecture is. Just walking aimlessly around downtown and you'll stumble across something like this...

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Man... A massive glass upvote!!
so how was it speaking in Rome you speak italian?

I can read menus and say plz/thank you/ask for the check. It was one of my most confusing talks ever ;) Nah, had fabulous translators. Even got a realtime earpiece translator during my SkyTV interview.

very cool....I have been trying to learn italian on a site called get to talk with real italians so they can tell you how bad you suck......trying to learn important things like.... dove il baggno
(where is the bathroom)
Very nice! Best of luck, Tony. It's a lovely language and funtimes country, that's for sure.