CNN asks: Are all the good tech-company names taken?

The first thing many new companies do is make sure they can register the domain name they want, said Adam Goldstein, founder of Hipmunk, a flight-search website.

"We were getting pretty antsy trying to get a good domain name, or frankly, a domain at all."

Goldstein's girlfriend suggested he look at small, furry animals for a company name because they would facilitate a good logo.

"I went for a dozen before I started leaving off the first or last letter," Goldstein said. " was in the middle of an auction when we were looking. I placed the minimum bid."

Though Hipmunk doesn't necessarily scream flight pricing, Goldstein says it's memorable and has so far been well-received. The logo, a chipmunk in pilot garb, is pretty cute, too.

It's really worth clicking through to the article to see the CNN artist's doodle of the Hipmunk. Fantastic.

edit: ah, screw it, here it is: