Congrats to Knight News Challenge 2011 Winner @HigherAwesome & @AwesomeFound ($244,000 for increasing awesome!)

Project: The Awesome Foundation: News Taskforce
Winner: The Awesome Foundation, Boston, Mass.
Award: $244,000
Project lead: Tim Hwang
Twitter: @higherawesome

To experiment with a new funding model for local journalism, The Awesome Foundation: News Taskforce will bring together 10 to 15 community leaders and media innovators in Detroit and two other cities to provide $1,000 microgrants to innovative journalism and civic media projects. By encouraging pilot projects, prototypes, events and social entrepreneurial ventures, the News Taskforce will encourage a wide swathe of the community to experiment with creative solutions to their information needs.

[The Awesome Foundation got its start here in Cambridge; among its founders are a bunch of Harvard and MIT people with affiliations with the Berkman Center, ROFLcon, NPR Digital Services, and more. First winner of an Awesome Foundation grant: a project to build a giant hammock.]

There's much awesome to be done!