Conversations had while wearing breadpig

(That's not a photo of Jeremy Edberg, it's the drummer of the breadpig band, but Jeremy shared this recent exchange.  He was out shopping while wearing a breadpig shirt.)

Shopkeep: Is that toast on that pig?
Jeremy:  Yep.  It's a pig with with bread wings.
S: Huh.  Thought it was supposed to be a pork sandwich.
J: Nope.  Pig with bread wings.
S: Whatever you say man. 
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I have a Breadpig sticker on my laptop. After walking through the security line at LAX, the TSA worker pushed the crate with my laptop down the conveyor belt.

TSA: What's a breadpig?
Me: It's a publishing company.
TSA: Huh.

You just blew his mind. That, or maybe he knew it for LOLmagnetz and not all this newfangled xkcd book publishing. Either way, your laptop could have been a ticking pair of underwear and he still would have let you through.