East-side likes Tupac more than West-side, @vidyard analytics reveal

You’d expect to see views, and you can. But you’ll also get a detailed readout of everywhere that your video’s been embedded. You’ll see, in real-time, who’s watching your video and from where. As an interesting aside, when we shared the video of the Tupac Shakur hologram, the West-coast famous rapper got considerably more views from the East coast.

Screen Shot 2012 07 17 at 5.31.33 PM 520x244 Vidyards powerful, professional video hosting gets huge new features, including YouTube syndication

This is just one example of the analytics drilldown that you can do with Vidyard. Not just countries, not just areas, but actual cities. For us, when trying to judge what content is popular in which area, it’s positively invaluable.

Now where's my Biggie hologram?