Empowering Young Entrepreneurs in Nepal (@breadpig approved!)

Twenty-year-old Pushpa Basnet was on a college field trip to a women's jail in Kalimati when she met Kanchi, daughter of one of the inmates. Basnet, unaware that when parents are imprisoned their homeless children often stay with them, was surprised to see a child there. "At that moment I knew I had to do something to make the lives of these children better," says Pushpa. That was when she opened the Early Childhood Development Centre.

Now, seven years later, Pushpa is sheltering and educating 35 children whose parents are in jail. She also runs a day care centre for children who are too young to be away from their mothers. But though she collected money from friends and family to support the centre, she was all too aware of the need to become self-sufficient.

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They're doing some great work that we're excited to be a part of -- it reminds me a lot of Y Combinator...