For Tech Start-Ups, #NYC Has Increasing Allure - @TutorSpree @Shoptiques in @NYTimes

Aaron Harris moved his company, TutorSpree, from Silicon Valley to New York last year. He said he was so concerned about finding engineers that he held open the possibility of moving back to Mountain View, Calif., where he had participated in the prestigious incubator program at Y Combinator. But Mr. Harris found that he did not have to rely on hiring New York-based engineers. Instead, he found them elsewhere and convinced them to move.

The woes of the financial industry have also benefited New York’s tech start-ups, which have been able to poach some engineering talent. But Mr. Harris, who worked for a hedge fund before starting TutorSpree, is skeptical that this will continue once the tech industry goes through its next downturn.

“We’re seeing résumés from people in finance all the time, and that’s awesome,” he said.

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