From the U.S. Embassy in Roma to the world

I can't thank my hosts enough. Grazie mille!

The U.S. Embassy organized all the logistics for me being here at Social Media Week, including even a meeting with our ambassador to Italy, a fellow startup champion. I participated in a live video Q&A session that included logins from seven different countries, including Italy, the United States, India, Cote D’Ivoire, Peru, Macedonia, and Austria (see below).

My panel this morning was a lot of fun; there's no shortage of excited Italian entrepreneurs and apparently this country has the highest per capita penetration for smartphones -- a fertile environment indeed.

I was invited to interview on Sky Italia (clip to come) and already consumed an inappropriate amount of pizza & gelato (not during the interview, though).

But possibly my favorite part of the last few days may have been listening to people try and translate "breadpig" into Italian. It's awesome. Though to be fair, just pronouncing "hipmunk" is no small feat, either.

I can't wait to return to your fabulous, boot-shaped country.