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Hmmm, I tried 2 years to find rich man who will finance my server admin education (2 semesters) and I never succeeded. I am homeless but in Copenhagen, DK, you can access Internet at libraries and university and you can make distance studying. 2 semester is enough long to learn really something but it costs 1500 eur and laptop 500 eur and one micro server for exercise 300 eur... I am also immigrant in DK and without right to work, so, Internet is the only possibility for me to ask and get job. It would be good if Queens can offer also online video (lectures) from their courses. Beside server administration, it is good to learn javascript and django, as I see, transactions websites like bitstamp are not created with php than with django and one man offered £12 000 for coder who make site like bitstamp. But without computer/laptop and without money to pay education, many people will be excluded from labor market and from contributing to society. We can only attach ourselves to the social help and live on the bill of other people. That's politics and not business.