General Assembly Aims to Gather New York Techies [@NYTimes]

Start-ups that have elected to work out of General Assembly’s offices full-time say that they enjoy the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that can percolate when one is working near like-minded people who are also trying to get their companies off the ground.

“It’s nice to not feel like you’re working in a bubble,” said Erica Cerulo, one of the co-founders of Of A Kind, an online boutique that is renting desk space at General Assembly. “We’re not typical entrepreneurs so it’s been good to be around all these other people in the same place, to be able to ask questions and have conversations about what we’re doing.”

Other start-ups in the space include, a site that pairs collectors with potential purchases; Fashism, a social shopping site; Yipit, a daily deals site; and Food52, a recipe community.

Mr. Pritzker said he hoped to turn General Assembly into its own flourishing business. “There is an opportunity here to help cross-pollinate the different creative communities in New York,” he said.

Congrats to the General Assembly team. Though it was fun to drop by while it was all under construction, I can't wait to stop by and see it alive and buzzing with geekery.