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Are you shipping to Germany? Would love to get a copy of your book. Or a breadpig supporter tee.
I believe they ship to Germany :) you'll definitely get a book when it comes out. Just email your mailing address to contact@alexisohanian.com with the subject line "Alexis promised me a free copy of his book"
We ship tees worldwide too! http://shop.breadpig.com

Donors Choose coupons!
Oh, that's a good idea :) Thanks! I do love them.
Me too. I had never heard of them before the big fundraiser for sanity / truthiness / epic win but I always love picking out classes to fund. :)

And who wouldn't love one of those adorable, elusive Hipmunk luggage tags? Cute AND functional. And I bet it sure makes your bag easy to identify, which can be a great help.

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