Great story on @reddit from 90 y/o Freemason who served in WWII

This is the shortened version: We were near Mytkina in Northern Burma, we saw an American C-46(Dakota) shot down by a Japanese Zero. Four parachutes appeared from the shot down plane. We took compass bearings on all of them. My job was to go and find one of them, who had landed in the jungle. I took a platoon of my soldiers in case there were Japanese present and marched off to find him. We had been walking for about an hour and thought we'd be near where he landed when my orderly said to me, "Look Sahib, two men have been past here." he looked again and said, "Come to think of it, it's the same man twice". I immediately ordered a halt to brew tea, because if he's been there twice, he'd probably come back a third time. After about 20 minutes my scouts reported a man walking down the track. I stepped out from behind a tree, and said "Good afternoon" and observed this man, who had his jungle emergency pistol in his right hand and in his left he held his jungle emergency compass.

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