How Slated Remakes Indie Film Finance (h/t @katmanalac)

Aren’t you guys connecting people who would be rubbing shoulders at Sundance or Tribeca anyway? What’s the value added?

SP: I’ve been a film producer about eight years now, and even the most established independent film producers say it’s a miracle getting any movie made. That always stumped me. I don’t think it should be a miracle for a film to get made. But it is. It’s a very inefficient industry. People are constantly navigating from project to project; they constantly need to find talent, and talent is busy or drops out; they need to chase after financing. You can be Darren Aronofsky making Black Swan, a film that wins awards, but it took 12 years to put that film together. Everybody is saying we need a new solution to communicate and get things financed more easily.

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