"Interview with Dot-com Jedi (Sith?) Alexis Ohanian" from @AGBU Ararat magazine

Fun times. Thanks for the interview. We covered all kinds of things: reddit, breadpig, kiva, hipmunk...

HV: Finally, a less serious question. Is there anything about “being Armenian” you still don’t understand after decades of being one?

AO: Why did it take me 27 years to learn that my last name was one of the more popular surnames back in Armenia? I’ve spent most of my life telling people that I’m not Irish (O’Hanian?) and it turns out I’m practically a “Smith” or “Johnson” back in the motherland.

Let me also say that this also may be one of my favorite photos taken of me. To top it all off, I'm wearing a Saboteur Invincible jacket over a breadpig shirt, "Animal Farm" -- buy one and help us make the world suck a little less.