Keynoting Swagapalooza this Thursday in NYC – come liberate swag from The Man

Just 85 digital influencers will be selected to receive a bucketload of free stuff at Swagapalooza.

Among them will be members of Girls In Tech’s NYC chapter. And among those pitching their products and giving away the swag to the city’s biggest influences and digital denizens will be GIT members and their clients.

The blessed event is Thursday, Sept. 9, at Touch NY, and if you have something super-cool to pitch (or have a client who does), fill out the form here and detail what the product is and what makes it innovative (plus your name, e-mail and phone number). If you want the chance to attend for free stuff, well, you can apply here – and make sure you explain what makes you a top digital influencer (512 characters max!).

The fine folks at Girls in Tech blogged about the upcoming Swagapalooza event I'll be keynoting this Thursday in NYC. Please come by to say hello if you'll be there!