Learn how to build web apps from @wtfspez!

Steve Huffman, co-founder of two startups, Reddit, a site where users can share links to any and everything, as well as Hipmunk, a site that lets you book travel and hotels, is a recent addition to Udacity’s teaching staff.

Huffman brings a fresh perspective to the online classroom in CS253 Web Application Engineering, a course that walks students through the process of building their very own blog application to share with the world. Huffman teaches from experience, showing students how to approach building web apps in a way that assuages the potential challenges students may face.

“This class is a lot of lessons that I learned, on my own, working on Reddit. There were so many pieces to writing web applications and I didn’t really understand any of them. And so, this class is basically a summary of all the things I learned through experience.”

And when you're done, fire up my class on making something people love.