Love seeing this kinda of excitement for @Quarterly #MSPL #proudinvestor

I received an email yesterday that made my entire week: Quarterly Co. – yes, a subscription box – is now taking new customers!

I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for Quarterly Co. to start accepting new customers for what feels like forever. The way QCo. works is that you find a curator whose box you would like to receive and then on a quarterly basis they will send you a box filled with objects of interest to them. There are many curators from which to choose and which cover a broad range of interests. A subscription costs $25 per box.

I registered for the Cool Hunting box, though to be honest I could have easily chosen more than one! The Cool Hunting box is curated by Josh Rubin and Evan Drensten, and will include “clever combinations of form and function.”

This is a great sign. Keep it up, Quarterly!