MemeFactory Writes A Book (@breadpig publishes it -- woohoo!)

Hey everyone! Big news!

We're supremely excited to announce that - assuming we reach our funding goal - the MemeFactory book is going to be printed and published by the awesome, awesome folks at BREADPIG. :D

It's been in the works for a little bit (woooo we've been busy, and we haven't even really started writing yet!) but after lots of beard stroking, one or two games of zombie dice and some high fives we've all decided that this is essentially the best possible thing that could happen.

We here at MemeFactory Enterprises have a huge crush on Breadpig, and their library of published works and available goods is nothing short of amazing. We're psyched to be in such awesome company.

In other words: it's a totally natural fit.

Lets talk for a quick second about what this means:

  • 0. The MemeFactory Book will STILL be available as a CC-BY PDF on our website. When we asked Breadpig if they'd be cool with that, their response was "We'd be confused if it wasn't." They're so hip! <3
  • 1. Books will be of a significantly higher quality, both print and layout wise, because Breadpig - unlike MemeFactory - is in the business of making awesome looking books.
  • 2. Books will definitely be available for purchase on the internets. Also, chances are the MemeFactory book will be availabe in some REAL BOOK STORES. Like... with walls and employees and stuff. We're still wrapping our heads around that one ourselves.
  • 3. Those interested in purchasing a quantity of books for say... a classroom or book club or to prop up that table with the short leg, will be able to do that kind of thing.

And finally, this means we can spend more time writing the book instead of being worried about making a layout, finding a printer, negotiating costs, etc etc etc. Oh sweet relief!

The one other really awesome bit is that Breadpig gives a significant portion of the dollars made from the book to the charity of our choice. We have a few places in mind, but would LOVE if you guys have suggestions. We're looking for something in the internet, free-culture, media-literacy, technology-access sector.

So but anyway, this is all contingent upon the fact we ACTUALLY REACH our funding goal. So if you have a friend or aunt or coworker who loves the internet AND books, or definitely loves books and might love the internet or just loves funding awesome things... please let them know about the MemeFactory Book and we will be forever grateful.

Yep, first xkcd let's us publish his book and give away all our profits to Room to Read. Then SMBC let's us publish his book and give away all our profits to Now, the fine folks at MemeFactory are letting us publish their book and give away all of our profits to [help them decide what not-for-profit!].

Quick, breadpig legion, to their Kickstarter!