More not-for-profits need to emulate DonorsChoose: Turn mountains into molehills

Stuff like this is why DonorsChoose is such an impressive not-for-profit. Personal note, photos, makes relatively small donations feel like they're making a big difference (because they are - it's just a matter of perspective). And breaking down a big budget into achievable smaller goals is a huge psychological win when it comes to a person giving their hard-earned money. Think about it the next time your alma mater sends you that letter asking for a donation...

On a related note, reddit & the Colbert Rally just broke $400,000!

Dear BREADPIG!!!!!, 

The communication center arrived just in time for Back to School Night. It was exciting to introduce it to my parents. I then watched as they began to use it every day to check in on the classroom and what we were doing. The students love it too. They each have their own little cubby where we put their "mail" each and every day. I want to thank you for helping me empower parents to help their children. Parent involvement is a key factor in the successful education of a child. So thank you for assisting me in ensuring that it happens.

With gratitude,
Ms. W.