Mubarak concessions 'insufficient.' Protestors continue to demonstrate under violent crackdown.

Great discussions happening on /r/worldnews, where I found this Al Jazeera link.

A redditor named MannerofSpeaking captures the general sentiment nicely:

It's pretty obvious what's going on.

Yesterday, a million Cairenes entered Tahrir Square to demonstrate against Mubarak and call for his removal. No weapons, no organization, just word of mouth. Voluntarily and with no planning beforehand, they link arms to protect the square, search people for weapons or police IDs, but generally do not molest anybody. No sign of the security police for two days.

Then suddenly today:

  • the Internet gets turned back on, so the world can see what's going on.
  • al-Jazeera is allowed to broadcast again.
  • suddenly and 'spontaneously', pro-Mubarak protesters on camels and horseback break into the Square. How on earth could hundreds of people suddenly and 'spontaneously' decide to round up dozens of camels and horses for a peaceful demonstration?
  • the anti-Mubarak protesters do nothing, but the pro-Mubarak protesters start attacking people and journalists with sticks, clubs, knives and fists. Is it coincidence that they all suddenly decided to bring a weapon with them?
  • the military in the square does nothing to stop them.

Orchestrated? You betcha.

Orchestrate a clash between anti-Mubarak demonstrators and 'pro-Mubarak 'supporters'...make it big, build the justification for sending in the army to arrest everybody in the name of 'public order' and instituting a general crackdown.

What a crock of SHIT.