My Interview with 37Signals -- Exit interview: @reddit's Alexis Ohanian

What are you working on now?
I’m also the marketing dude at Hipmunk. I crashed with Steve [Huffman] and Adam [Goldstein] a week before their launch to get some basic UI stuff together, design a brand, and prepare the launch. So far so good with taking the agony out of flight search.

Breadpig! My uncorporation that creates geeky things (we published xkcd: volume 0 and invented LOLmagnetz, for instance) and donates all the non-sustainable profits—over $175,000 so far!). It’s like a Newman’s Own for nerds.

And some speaking gigs here and there. I’m mostly just anxious to get my gaming rig back from SF (I’ve moved to Brooklyn) and finally catch up on SCII.

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