My interview with (pretty sweet domain name, right?)

“I’m very well aware of the life lottery I won. And I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it – could’ve just as easily been born to another set of parents in another time or place. Sure, I’ve worked hard as hell for what I’ve achieved, but that doesn’t make me special when countless others have triumphed over much more with much less to show for it.”


This interview covers just about everything: reddit, breadpig, hipmunk. Big thanks to Kevin Ohashi for the opportunity to blab about myself & my projects.

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Hey Alexis, how do I go about presenting you/DasKapitalCapital with a business? Even if it doesn't fit your criteria you can probably be a big help by giving us some advice and or criticism. I tried your email but I'm sure you get 100's of emails a day.

P.S. it's nice to see people act humble and appreciate what they have, I see to many people take it for granted.

hey dude, I saw your email, sorry I'm just a wicked bit behind on replies :-/ I'm also pretty tied up this moment with investments and won't be making any more beyond the ones I've committed to.

Happy to give feedback, though! Will get to your email asap.
Thanks Alexis, I really appreciate it! :)