My reddit alien creations

I created the reddit alien. I also created variations of it for some of my friends. They used to be on my old website, but I got scolded for not bringing them over. So here they are, presented in the order they were doodled:

spez (Steve Huffman)
kn0thing (Me)
jenny8 (Jennifer 8. Lee - journalist, author, mentor)
spez's sister (Steve's sister)
aaronsw (Aaron Swartz - we acquired Aaron's company in late 2005)
KeyserSosa (Dr. Chris Slowe - reddit's first hire & only PhD)
zak stone (Zak Stone - fellow YC alum)
emc2rae (Ellen - ultimate frisbee master)
cynthia (Cynthia - not a monkey in real life)
rachel (Rachel Metz - journalist extraordinaire)
x@ycombinator (Jessica Livingston - YC partner & awesomesauce)
pg (Paul Graham - YC partner & the Paul Graham)
askjigga (Justin Kan - co-founder of Kiko & Justin.TV)
katie (Katie - Steve's better half & wife)
jedberg (Jeremy Edberg - first post-acquisition hire of reddit)
OptimizePrime (Emmett Shear - co-founder of Kiko & Justin.TV)
liz (Liz)
kourosh (Kourosh Kharimkhany - splendid fellow who bought us)
kristen (Kristen - Chris' better half & wife)
angelique (Angelique - WIRED pal)
justmoi (Kathy - Jeremy's better half & wife)
rajiv (Rajiv Pant - Conde Nast pal)