New York's Tech Scene Heats Up - @Forbes covers @rapgenius at #NYTM

Tom Lehman of RapGenius

Tom Lehman of RapGenius, with his Gladwellian haircut, and Kellee Khalil of Loverly, in silver glittery pumps, were the two presenters who IMHO garnered the most adoration from this very discerning audience of New Yorkers.

RapGenius is a site that seeks to discern the hidden meaning of today’s most popular rap and hip-hop lyrics. Its visitor trajectory is extraordinary (8 million uniques/month and growing), and as a result, its success in soliciting first-hand input from the “verified” songwriters featured. Is Bible verse next?

Love seeing Tom Lehman do his thing up on stage. Wish I could've been there to high5 him after....