NYRD Radio: For creators, by creators

I've started a podcast & here's a sneakpeak! Not just the people making the next reddit (or similar platform) but the people who will make those platforms awesome (e.g., artisans on etsy, creators on patreon, filmmakers on vhx). The internet enables entrepreneurship on a scale the world has never seen before and we're all writing the blueprint as we go.

Join me for weekly conversations (subscribe on iTunes) with some of the most awesome creators in the game (Episode 1 stars Baratunde Thurston!). We'll talk about how they hacked it to get here and where they're going. Every episode also features Office Hours where I work with an entrepreneur through their challenges -- guests could be a veteran CEO planning a huge product launch or a high school student figuring out how to best launch the crowdfunding campaign for her art.

If you'd like to do on-air office hours with me, click here to sign up. 

This is going to be unlike anything your ears have heard before and -- like everything I'm doing these days -- I hope it scales all the ideas I preach. The future favors the creators.

I want you to be one of the ones who changes the world. Don't worry, I'll take credit for it ;-)

Speaking of which, there's just one week left to apply for the Winter batch of Y Combinator. Do it!

If you're not ready yet, I hope you're tuned in to the free class Y Combinator is teaching at Stanford (How to Start a Startup) and a shoutout to my alma mater (University of Virginia) for a very generous profile on me in the latest alumni magazine.

Similarly, I made the CNBC Next List alongside some awesome entrepreneurs: Elon Musk, Sal Kahn, and Marissa Mayer to name a few.

Time to earn it. I'm headed back to the hustle. Let me know how you like NYRD Radio (leave a review!!) -- it's the only way I know what to improve.
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Not only was Baratunde awesomely enjoyable to listen to and gave great advice, this podcast was a perfect fit for my morning commute. I also found your advice to focus on the parents to be great advice to Nodecraft, I am emailing them now to give theme some additional ideas on how to cater to parents since they are in their early 20's they don't understand how much a parent want's to protect their child and a parent focused server solution will work very well in that space. Thanks and can't wait to hear the next NYRD.
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