On "overnight success story" @pebblewatch

"It's definitely one of those four-year/overnight success stories," Allerta founder Eric Migicovsky explains to Fast Company. (Ah, yes, the dirty little secret of overnight success.) "We've been working on smartwatches for years--I think they key was iteration. It's a very personal device, as people wear a watch and it's constantly in contact with them. You wear it to bed, you wear it when you're eating and when you're working." Thus design was absolutely key to Pebble, and Migicovsky complimented his indistrial designer Steve Johns, who "spent a lot of time looking at what people wear on their wrists, and how we could make something that could be customizable, and beautiful and small and sleek."

Truth. Very proud of this Y Combinator company sticking it out and building something people love. I very much remember the day they interviewed!

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Truly impressive. I wish Pebble could become the next Apple. On a related note, I have been looking for an answer for this, and maybe you could help, Alexis.

Knowing most YC alums are software only, how useful do you think YC was/is to a team like Pebble? Working on a hardware project (a wireless keyboard glove), and I think the hardest part is definitely the physical design and fabrication of the hardware prototype. And I can only imagine how hard it gets when it comes to mass production and distribution with Pebble's small team. How does YC help in that regard? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!