On the importance of gestures in public speaking

Some people believe that public speaking is an ability that only a few "chosen ones" can execute well. While I personally don't consider myself to be a great public speaker, I do think that anyone can become one. While the ability of being charming, engaging and persuasive comes naturally to some people (think Steve Jobs), I strongly believe that these are traits that can be learned and, more importantly, perfected over time - case in point, Mark Zuckerberg. His first talks were, for a lack of a better term, utterly pathetic, and he seemed to be unprepared and very nervous all the time. Over time he became more confident and his last talks were just brilliant.

One of my favorite hobbies is watching talks or speeches of people that are extremely passionate about the topic that they are talking about, specially in the realm of technology. However, I have noticed that many of my collegues in software development lack one very important trait: Most of them, almost never use gestures.

So so true.