One reddit shares a great story about his awesome mother

I was a child of the 80's and my brother and I were sharing a room circa 1985. My mother was an artist of sorts, she painted often, did portraits of all of us, and loved to paint scenes from the French Quarter in New Orleans.

One day my brother and I get home from school, and little did we know that my mother had set up a surprise for us. When we walk into our bedroom we are immediately greeted by Smurfette painted on the wall holding out flowers. As we walked further into the room it became apparent that my mother had painted the entire smurf village on the walls of our bedroom. Complete with a full wall mural of Gargamel's castle against the back wall.

We were floored we couldn't contain our excitement. She confessed that she knew nothing about the smurfs, but she knew that we liked them, so she bought a smurf book and used it as a guide.

She did a lot of stuff like that for us, she was awesome.

What really hurts is reading that he lost all his photos of her in Kathrina.