Open Letter to Professor Taplin #IU12

UPDATE: Sad news. Levon Helm died not long after our debate. He'd been in poor health for some time, but hopefully there's something we can do with unreleased material, courting the two remaining members to come together, or even a short film about the history of the many musicians "screwed by the industry" as Lester Chambers put it. Let's get the kickstarter project going and fire up an IAMA to promote it.

Thanks for debating me this evening at Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored conference here in NY!

Like I said on stage, I wanted to offer a solution to help make right what the music industry did to members of The Band.

It reminded me of the story Lester Chambers told on reddit a little while back: "I am the 99%. Screwed by the industry."

I'm hopeful that innovations like the ones I discussed tonight and the others that are being worked on by entrepreneurs right now will continue to do right by artists and cut out those who'd mistreat them. Please take a look around kickstarter and reddit and you'll quickly find that the former is already crowd-funding projects in the millions and the latter does not in fact hurt artists in any way (quite the opposite, it's full of communities of music makers sharing tips and comedians making oodles by treating their fans respectfully and directly selling them DRM-free content).

Like I said on stage, it would be an honor to gather members of The Band together to produce one more album with unreleased content or something to honor Levon Helm -- really any kind of creative project they'd like to produce -- (this time funded on kickstarter) and we'll gladly launch it on the IAMA section of reddit.

I'll have my credit card ready, as I'm sure many other redditors (and music fans) will.

Oh, and thank you to FastCompany for inviting me!