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financial services are so hated, it might just be true (or at least, the corollary of "the world's least-hated..." might be true). and in any case, doesn't seem noteworthy to me. e.g. i've known since day 1 that visa isn't everywhere i want to be.
LOL. Now that would be a good spin for the message "not the world's most-hated..."
"least-hated" and "not the most-hated" potentially describe entirely different things :) (just one vs. one of many that are not um... hmm, what IS the most hated way to pay and get paid?)
I just think that's the most honest 'statistic' they can brag about. Hehe.
ha, "honest" in that it's possible that it might not be a complete outright lie, like most marketing copy. agreed