new reddit shirt design - vintage alien

What do you think? I've had some luck with shirt designs lately and thought I'd bring back this 'vintage' reddit shirt. Chris suggested we reprint this a few weeks ago and I think he was spot on. Fun fact: the very first and only one of its kind was actually the first reddit shirt I'd ever made back in 2005 (so the est. 2005 with a retro look scored triple irony points!) - it was from CafePress.

You'll be able to find it on our xkcd store in the coming weeks.

the new nonprofit.reddit is getting some good feedback

We couldn't be happier with the initial feedback from IdealistNews (AKA nonprofit.reddit). Here are a few links that we've tracked down so far, if we missed yours, lemme know.
And there's even a YouTube tutorial, courtesy of our pal Scott @ Idealist.

reddit and the idealist launch a new reddit together -

We announced a new reddit today, this is putting a pretty face on called IdealistNews.

Both we and (our partner - see their announcement here) are quite excited to be bringing this to life. It started as a few tweets exchanged with Scott Stadum of Idealist and a few weeks later this new reddit is online.

Just a little while back, Beth Kanter lamented that there was no social news geared toward nonprofits and social change. We at reddit (and breadpig) totally agreed and hope this reddit can be the destination for the very best of this news.

over 3 years of life spent using the reddit iphone app, world economy still slumping

The 280north team plugged Pinch Media analytics into our iPhone app, iReddit and we've already encountered some interesting data.

Chiefly, at this moment the total time spent using the app is 3 years 68 days 14 hours 41 minutes 17 seconds. Never mind the fact that they have it pegged to the second, but this app has only been out for two weeks. I'd rather not imagine how much time users have spent on during the 3+ years it's been around.

Instead, I'll be busy finishing up some work for a very cool pair of announcements Wednesday and Thursday (watch to see the news).

not one, but two cheers for reddit on slate's the big money

Still no word on the whereabouts of the third cheer, but we're nonetheless quite happy to have been featured in a recent The Big Money article. Here's just a taste:
I've come to genuinely admire Reddit [...] having trolled around long enough now, I find Reddit, when used properly, to be a decent news source and a relatively intelligent window onto the hive mind. Psychologists for years have argued that the information content of news is less important than the context in which people receive it; Reddit moves at a pace at which you can watch cognition and content commingle in real time.
And I'm thrilled The Cute List got a shoutout, too. Read the whole article to see just how reddit changed perspective on social media, which according to him, had "seemed like a shabby foreign country I'd rather not visit."

reddit & the indie: the internet approves

I somehow forgot to post this entry from Metaprinter about our announcement of a partnership with The Independent:

All in all I think this is a great experiment. It attacks newspaper site problems like social interaction, ranking, linking, user interface, and user experience. I’ll be following this closely as time goes on and the social site builds links and volume.

So far, we've been quite happy with the experiment. And it appears the Indie has been, too, as they even gave me a place in their Independent Minds blogging network. Here's the inaugural post:

oldie but a goodie: reddit the quiz bowl answer

Aaron forwarded me this a while back and somehow it remained in my drafts folder until now.
My brother is on the quiz bowl team. One of the questions he was given at a Boston tournament was "This Conde Nast acquisition uses karma to ..." (that's when he buzzed).
I must say, that's pretty cool. Thanks for considering us question-worthy, Quiz Bowl! on the definition of a user - techcrunch wtf moment

In short, Quicken sent Mint a pretty lame "WTF is up with your user count?" email.

The story could be over, but then there was a bit of prodding into how a Mint determines a 'user.'

Aside from Mint’s remarkable growth rate, Intuit’s concerns focus on the startup’s definition of “users”. Mint’s reply states that the company considers anyone who has filled in an Email address, Zip code, and password to be a “user”, regardless of whether they’ve ever actually linked their bank account to their Mint user name. This figure obviously overstates the number of people who actually use Mint on a day-to-day basis, but it’s also a fairly standard way to define “users” for most web services. As an outside check, Comscore counts 416,000 monthly unique visitors worldwide, and growing rapidly (see chart below).

This definition "raised some concerns" for TechCrunch.

Is this really standard practice for web services? (Really, I'm curious - lemme know).

In what world is a "user" someone who creates an account and never uses the site again? At the most basic semantic level, they're not even using the site.

Aaron, you've clearly got a successful startup and the established competition is obviously feeling threatened, so why not just omit those non-users from the user numbers you're reporting? Who is impressed by traffic that has visited a website, signed up, and never returned?